Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 What is DiaryFi Journal?

    DiaryFi Journal is a personal diary/journal app to keep track of your memories in a secure and private place. You can furnish your moments with photos, calendar, location, mood, tags, mention any of your contacts and even set reminders to nudge you about your special moments.

  • You can create upto 5 moments without a subscription and there’s no limit on the number of moments you can create with any of your monthly/yearly/lifetime plans.

  • This is what we have right now

    Text, Photo Gallery, Emoticons

    ⁃ Tags, Mood

    ⁃ Location

    ⁃ Calendar

    ⁃ Mark as Favorites

    ⁃ Face ID/TouchID/Passcode to keep it secure

    ⁃ Cross Sync (Android & iOS)

    ⁃ End to End Encryption

    ⁃ Dark Mode

    ⁃ Reminder

    ⁃ Search bar

    ⁃ Share a snapshot of your memory on social media

    ⁃ Automatic backups to keep your data safe

    ⁃ Speech to Text feature

    ⁃ Unpmited Moments

    ⁃ Mentions

    And you can you expect these in the next update.

    ⁃ Export in csv/pdf

    ⁃ Import using IFTTT

    ⁃ Languages (Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French, German +10 more)

    ⁃ Activity Feed

    ⁃ Custom Fonts

    ⁃ More Appearance and Theme colors

    ⁃ Available in iPad, Web App, Mac.

    ⁃ Voice book- Record your audio

    ⁃ Widgets

    ⁃ Scribble Pad

  • Privacy in Diary Fi Journal is very simple. Nobody can read your notes, except yourself. Nothing is "public" in DiaryFi Journal. However, we do have an exclusive "publish" and "share" feature where you can share a snapshot of your moments on Facebook, Instagram etc. (or) save as an image (or) also share on your personal blog.

  • All posts are private, and it is not accessible by anyone except you.

  • Yes. Every post you add on DiaryFi can be edited or deleted individually.

  • Yes. You can add upto 4 photos per moment.

  • The best way to get in touch with us is via